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Department outline

The educational aims of the departments

Mechanical Engineering
develops creative personnel with a sound knowledge of the field of mechanical engineering.

Information and Knowledge Engineering
educates engineering technicians and researchers who will become key people in the information society.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering
instructs students in a basic knowledge and technology as well as the ability to put it into practice.

Materials Science
trains students to acquire a solid foundation in chemistry and comprehensive thinking skills.

educates engineers who can take the lead in the biotechnology industry of the 21st century.

Civil Engineering
promotes the development of creative engineers who can contribute to improving social infrastructure and the environment.

Social Systems Engineering
educates engineers having interdisciplinary knowledge, abilities and social outlook.

Applied Mathematics and Physics
trains students to have a thorough grounding in both pure and applied fields of engineering such as
mathematics and physics.

In order to achieve these goals, we must design and implement a solid education program rigorously. To ensure the success of this program, we prepare the syllabus of each class strictly, provide a numerical target to each subject and subsequently evaluate the achievement leve1.

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