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Graduate School Programs

We recognize importance of an advanced training in he field of engineering. There is a strong demand for engineering Personnel who have acquired an advanced expertise in the field. In addition, the graduate education of engineering has become commonplace in the international arena. The need for advanced level qualifications for international cooperation and international joint business ventures has been widely recognized.
The educational goals of our graduate course program are as follows.

Educational Goals of the Master Program(two years course)

The aim of the Master Program is to develop advanced engineers and researchers who can carry out innovative research and development in their fields. We develop students a good educational foundation, a high-1evel technology and advanced research skills honed through academic research activities.
Since education at this level is basically inseparable from the development of research skills, the program aims to instill in students an advanced level of knowledge and expertise as a continuation of the four year undergraduate program. Graduate students on the program therefore develop skills as researchers through carrying out actual research work and are.taught to acquire the ability to harmonize knowledge and skills as a unified whole.

Educational Goals of the Doctor Program(three years course)

In modern society science and technology have become increasingly intertwined 1eading to a further evolution of academic knowledge. The result has been greater diversification and the development of new academic fields, both specific boundary disciplines as well as broader interdisciplinary areas. At the same time, there has been an increasing synthesis among different scientific fields.
To respond to these trends, to promote increased academic synthesis and to pioneer new scientific fields, we need to train a new generation of creative engineers and researchers Who possess a strong sense of originality, a broad academic vision as well as advanced research skills and high-1evel knowledge in specialized fields.
The Doctoral Program (three years course) provides advanced education aimed at training creative engineering professionals who possess specialized knowledge and research abilities in their academic field, who have the skills necessary to do independent research and who can effectively respond to the needs of society.

Outline of departments in Master's Program